Generic RU486 is one of the trusted abortion pills which have been widely used to date. This was discovered in France by Roussel Uclaf and his project team for the first time and women have trusted it for over 2 decades. Millions of women in Europe have undergone abortion with Ru486 and FDA has also approved the use of this pill for abortion. This pill contains the vital ingredient mifepristone which also known as the anti-progesterone pill.


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How does RU 486 work?

The major ingredient mifepristone impedes the flow of progesterone hormone to the uterus as RU 486 is famously known as the anti progesterone and anti glucocorticosteroid. This RU 486 binds to the progesterone receptors by biding it at the decidual lining of the uterus. This progesterone hormone reaches the fetus through the placenta and the fetus grows, devoid of this hormone the fetus ceases to exist. Once the fetus loses its hold over the placenta you can feel bleeding as well as cramping. This pill also inherits the prostaglandins quality that allows utertonic contractions in the uterus. Along with RU486, if you take the pills of misoprostol so that you can get a more confirmed abortion. The misoprostol pills will dilute the entire cervix and then the diluted parts will be expelled out easily.

How to plan before an abortion with RU486?

You do not need to plan before an abortion just a few steps should be followed so that you can accomplish your abortion smoothly. You have to get an ultrasound done on priority so that you can detect your pregnancy type. You should take Ru486 only when your pregnancy is uterine. You should not take it if you have ectopic pregnancy as this abortion pill will not work for ectopic pregnancy as this pregnancy takes place in the fallopian tube hence is also known as tubal pregnancy.

You should make yourself comfortable throughout the abortion process for that you need to get into the loose attire and choose the best resting area for yourself. Keep a pile of maxi-pads in stock as you will need them frequently. Before you take the abortion pills you should take a light meal so that you do not suffer from indigestion. Always keep an alarm so that you can track your next medicine time.

How to take the doses and how many will be required?

You will require 2 doses of RU 486 if you are 5 weeks pregnant or lesser and if you are more than 5 weeks pregnant you will require taking the misoprostol pills along with this pill. Normally if you are below 5 weeks you can buy RU 486 one pill and buy 4 pills if misoprostol. Similarly, beyond this time, you should take 2 pills of RU 486 and 8 pills if misoprostol. When RU486 is taken alone it gives efficacy from 64% to 81%, but if it is used with misoprostol it gives efficacy to 98%.

You have to take the dose of RU 486 with the help of a glass. Of water and you will have to swallow the entire pill at a time without breaking it or crushing it. You have to take the misoprostol pills by keeping it under the tongue and allowing it to dissolve with your saliva.

If you are taking 2 RU 486 then you have to take them with a gap of 4 hours and misoprostol pills should be taken after 24 hours. You can take four misoprostol pills at a time by maintaining the gap of 3 hours in between the misoprostol pills. For example, if you are taking 2 RU486 and 8 misoprostol pills then your first dose will be of RU 486 and after 4 hours take 2nd dose of RU 486. After 24 hours start with the dose of misoprostol that will consist of 4 tablets and the next dose of 4 tablets will be after 4 hours.

How to understand that RU 486 abortion is successful?                  

Initially, when you have started stomach cramps and vaginal bleeding you can get confirmed that your abortion is a success. During the 1st trimester, it is very difficult to understand whether you have successfully passed the embryo or not as the embryo is only microscopic. This is the reason why we suggest you to take the misoprostol pills so that you will not have to visit the health clinic to confirm your abortion.

Is abortion with RU 486 very painful?

When you have opted for abortion with abortion pills you will suffer from stomach cramps which is much higher than that during your periods but it may vary from woman to woman as every woman have different health conditions and different endurance power. You will also face vaginal bleeding more than that of your periods as the endometrial tissue as thickened for supporting the fetus. Along with these side-effects rarely a woman face issues like vomiting or nausea and the problem of diarrhea.

How to manage the problems faced with RU 486?

When you have too much of vaginal cramps then you should keep a hot pack on your belly. If you still have pain then you can take ibuprofen to ease your pain. In case of vaginal bleeding you should be alert that your bleeding should not soak 2 maxi-pads in an hour or if you start passing clots bigger than the size of a lemon then you should immediately go to the doctor. If you are having a fever for more than 6 hours after taking anti-inflammation pill you should immediately report to the doctor.

What are the precautions to be taken during and after abortion?

During abortion process, you should always rest as much as possible. You should not involve in any exercises or any work that requires bending. Do not use tampons or menstrual cups anytime during the abortion as this may lead to inflammation in the vaginal. You should also not take grapefruit during the entire process of abortion as this will alter the medication. You should not wear your IUD and take the abortion pills as this will increase your pelvic pain. You should avoid sex for at least 4 weeks.

How to confirm the abortion?

If you are taking misoprostol with RU 486 then you can safely terminate your pregnancy, but still if you wish to confirm you can get an ultrasound done after 2 weeks and get a urine test done after 4 weeks. After your abortion is confirmed you should talk to your doctor and take a contraceptive to prevent future pregnancy.

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