NuvaRing is a flexible and contraceptive ring comes in a small size. It comes in a size of silver dollar. This ring is a birth control choice for females. NuvaRing prevents the unwanted pregnancy. NuvaRing is composed of combination hormones such as oestrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and Progestin (etonogestrel). During menstrual cycle this ring helps to prevent the ovulation (i.e., release of egg). NuvaRing increases the thickness of the vaginal fluid which helps to prevent the contact of sperm with an egg (fertilization), it also alters the lining of uterus to avoid the attachment of the fertilized egg. When a fertilized egg fails to get attached to the uterus then it will be passed out of the body.


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How to use NuvaRing?

NuvaRing is designed only for the vaginal use. Before using NuvaRing, wash your hands and dry them. Take the ring out of the re-closable foil pouch one can use this pouch for the disposal of the ring. Fold the NuvaRing in half and smoothly push inside your vagina until you feel comfortable. Many people are aware of the ring inside the vagina. Once you place the ring perfectly into the vagina, you won’t even feel its presence. This will not be interfering during the sexual activity. Your partner might feel the ring. The exact position of this ring inside vagina will never affect how it works. If once you insert NuvaRing, let the ring to remain in vagina for about continuous 3 weeks.

For the first time if you’re using this ring then go for an additional kind of birth control which is non-hormonal such as spermicide or condoms. For the initial seven days to avoid the unwanted pregnancy until the NuvaRing has sufficient amount of time to work. For additional birth control, don’t go for cervical cap or diaphragm, because the ring might get disturbed from its proper placement. In case you started making use of this ring on the first day of your menstrual cycle then you don’t have necessity to look for birth control as a backup for the first week. Once you complete 3 weeks after inserting the ring, remove the ring and dispose it on the same day and time on which you placed it. If you experience any bleeding or pain while you’re trying to remove the ring from vagina or if you’re not able to remove it, then contact your doctor immediately.

After the removal of ring, do not insert a ring for another 7 days. Within two to three days of ring removal, you must have your menstrual cycle. After 1 week of time without the ring, wear a new NuvaRing on the same day of week on which you removed the previous ring, if you’ve your menstrual cycle or not. If you don’t see your menstrual cycle then go to doctor, don’t delay for more than a week without the ring, this might increase chances of your pregnancy.

During the sexual intercourse the ring may fall out accidentally while moving a tampon or during the bowel movement. In such scenarios rinse the ring with cool or lukewarm water and as soon as possible re-insert the ring. If you don’t place the ring for more than three hours or in case if you don’t have clear idea how long the ring has been out, then there could be chances of getting pregnant. Either you can re-insert that ring or insert a new ring for the upcoming 7 days to avoid the pregnancy.

In case if you leave the ring inside the vagina in place for longer duration than mentioned like for about 4 weeks, you will remain protected from the unplanned pregnancy. One must remove the vaginal ring and insert a new one after one complete ring free week.

If the presence of ring continued for longer than 4 weeks then you might not be protected from getting pregnant. In such instances remove the ring and perform a pregnancy test before inserting a new ring.

How effective is the NuvaRing?

This ring avoids most of the pregnancies if it's used correctly in a guided manner. It is 98% to 99% effective and always gives best results. Out of 100 only 1 or 2 women might have experienced the pregnancy.

What are the side effects of NuvaRing Online?

Some of the very commonly observed side effects are headache, nausea, vaginal irritation, weight gain, tenderness of breast, swelling in the ankle regions of feet. These symptoms will not last longer.

How does NuvaRing work?

It contains the hormones which are present in the birth control medication. When it is inserted into the vagina, it starts releasing the steady low dose hormones. When the ring is removed for one week then the menstrual cycle will occur.

For whom NuvaRing is not recommended?

People who have history of cardiac arrest, strokes, breast cancer and blood clots. Women who are aged greater than 35 years and into smoking or use tobacco. If you are already pregnant or you think you might become will not avail any benefits from NuvaRing. If you are suffering from migraine then you must talk to your doctor before using this ring.


If you have allergies on usage of progestins or oestrogens then you must consult your doctor before using this product. This product may contain some of inactive ingredients which might trigger allergies. If you are suffering from clotting diseases like protein S or protein C deficiency then talk to your doctor regarding the interaction. People who suffered from strokes or heart attacks are advised not to use this ring. Do not share your ring with others. Never wash the ring with hot water.


Store this product in cool and dry place. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. Keep it safe away from children and pets. Dispose the ring after the use in a proper manner. Do not flush the ring in toilets.

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