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Ovral G

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Ovral G is a medicine acts as a birth control to prevent the unwanted pregnancy. This medication can also be utilized to treat the irregular menstrual cycle along with dysmenorrhea. This tablet composed of combination of active ingredients such as norgestimate and estradiol, hence it helps women to prevent pregnancy. This is a contraception medication meant for oral use. Ovral G Online prevents the fertilization of egg and it suppresses the ovulation process itself. Which means the fertilized egg will not be developed. Hence it avoids the development and thickening of endometrium


How to take Online Ovral G?

Ovral G pillis meant for only women who want to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Age doesn’t count for the consumption of this medication. Women who are sexually active and want to save themselves from getting pregnant can avail the benefits of this medication. With or without food everyday you should intake one Ovral G tablet. Each 1mg of Ovral G pill contains ethinyl estradiol 0.05 mg and norgestrel 0.5 mg. it will be a good practice if you consume the tablet on the same time every day, hence there will be no chances of missing the dosage. Ovral G package contains 28 tablets for the whole month cycle. To avail the best benefits one must take it regularly. Initial 21 tablets made of hormones helpful to avoid the pregnancy. Remaining 7 tablets are called placebo tablets which help to cause the monthly menstrual bleeding. If any case you missed taking a pill then you need to follow some mandatory guidelines to prevent further complications. When you are delayed to take the pill for less than 12 hours, then take the pill as soon as possible. Later take the next pill on regular schedule. The best way is to maintain the schedule because there will be will be very less chances of missing dose. If it is delayed for more than 12 hours, then also take the tablet as soon as you remember. But it is always good practice to take the medication on the same time every day.

Working mechanism of Ovral G tablet:

This tablet helps in preventing unwanted pregnancy by stopping the release of eggs from ovary and it also improves women’s condition by restoring the oestrogen hormone in the body.

Uses of Ovral G:

This medication is used to prevent, treat, improve and control some of the disorders, symptoms and conditions like Hormonal contraception, oral contraception, menopause, recurrent miscarriage, abnormal growth of hairs on women’s body and face, ovarian development failure, prevents pregnancy after having an unprotected sex, painful menstrual cycle, reduces the changes in the menopause.

Ovral G interaction with other drugs:

This medication might interact with some other medicines you take along with which might lead to side effects. Some of the most interacted drugs with Ovral G are Amobarbital, Aminoglutethimide, Bexarotene, Aprobarbital, Butabarbital, Artemether, St John’s Wort, Phenobarbital, tranexamic acid, dantrolene. Tizanidine and Drius used in the treatment of HIV, hepatitis C or AIDS

Side effects of Ovral G:

There are some very common side effects caused due to the intake of Ovral G are vomiting, nausea, pain in the breast area, tenderness of breast, itching, rashes can be observed on the skin, spotting, edema and insomnia. These symptoms will not last for longer duration. Some of the rarely observed symptoms are changes in the libido, changes in the body weight, migraine and fluid retention. Slight changes in the regular menstrual cycle, increasing blood pressure, blood vessels might get blocked by blood clots, genetic carcinoma, lipid diseases, coronary blood clots or cerebral blood clots might occur. The package of Ovral G tablets contains the pills for a month having 21 hormones on the whole. In addition, there will be 7 placebo tablets in every Ovral G pack. Hence it makes menstrual cycle to complete in withdrawal bleeding every month. This tablet is highly efficient to have perfect regular schedule of your periods.


If you’ve any allergies with the ingredients of Ovral G pill then you must consult your doctor before using it. One must avoid breastfeeding during the intake of this medicine, quit smoking, if you’ve diabetes, undiagnosed bleeding in vagina, obesity, migraine, hypertension or any other mental illness or any gallbladder disorders then you must consult doctor.

Over dosage of  pill

Never try to take the medication more than the prescribed dosage. Taking higher dose of Ovral G tablet will not improve the symptoms. That might leads to some adverse effects leading to complications. If any chance you’ve consumed the over dose then consult doctor.


This medication must be stored under room temperature. Avoid direct exposure for sunlight and heat. Unless it is required you should not freeze the pills. Keep the medicines away from the reach of pets and children.

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