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Plan B One-Step

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Plan B One-Step is a medication which prevents the unwanted pregnancy after the unprotected sex. This medication often called as morning after pill. For the consumption of this medicine you need not to wait till morning after sexual activity. Plan B One-Step is a kind of a Plan B One-Step. In fact Plan B One-Step is highly beneficial when you intake this medicine sooner. Plan B One-Step pill made of 1.5mg of levonorgestrel. Levonorgestrel is used in many birth control pills in lower doses. Single pill must be taken at a time. This medication is a one dose regimen


How to Take Online Plan B One-Step?

Without the proof of age or prescription one can buy Plan B One-Step over the counter at online pharmacies or drugstores. This is approved by FDA in 2013. This pill must be taken orally with water. This birth control gives best results when consumed as soon as possible ie, within 72 hours after the intercourse.

When you can choose Plan B One-Step?

1. When you didn’t use any kind of birth control.
2. When the condom breaks off or came out.
3. When diaphragm gets slipped out of its place.
4. When you already missed at least 2 or 3 active birth control medication continuously.
5. When you forgot to apply your patch or put in your ring.
6. When your partner didn’t pull out in time.
7. When you were forced for an intercourse.

If you have sex after the intake of pills, Plan B One-Step will never protect you from becoming pregnant. It is mandatory to take right after the unprotected sexual activity to prevent pregnancy

When you should not take Plan B One-Step?

1. When you already know that you are pregnant or suspect that you might be.
2. If you have any history of hypersensitivity or allergies triggered due to its ingredients.
3. In case if you have a history of recently observed abnormal vaginal bleeding that your physician has not yet evaluated.
4. If you’re weight is more than 165 pounds.

Working of Plan B One-Step:

Working of this medication depends upon your state in the cycle. Plan B One-Step works in any of these following ways:

1. This medicine may interfere with the fertilization of an egg.
2. This may either prevent or delay ovulation.

Plan B One-Step kind of birth control alters the uterus or womb lining, which prevents the implantation of fertilized egg into the uterus. This might prevent pregnancy by altering the transport of eggs or sperms to avoid fertilization.

This birth control is not similar to the abortion pill called RU-486. Plan B One-Step does not cause any miscarriage. This medicine will not work once the egg is already implanted into the uterus, which means if you are already pregnant then this medication will not work.

How effective is Plan B One-Step?

Effectiveness of this medication directly depends on how early you consume the pill. If a person takes Plan B One-Step within 24 hours after sex, then rate of success (ie, chances of preventing pregnancy) will be 95%. After unprotected sex within 72 hours if the consumption of Plan B One-Step takes place then the rate of effectiveness will be 89%. The rate of effectiveness of this pill is directly proportional to sooner you take this medication. One should be aware that this medication is not as efficient as regular contraception. This is why one should not consume this as a vital form of birth control. This will never protect you from the sexually transmittable diseases like HIV and other. Always Plan B One-Step must be taken as backup, hence the name. This is not for the routine usage. Many research conducted on this medication shows that this medication loses its efficiency in females whose weight is more than 165 pounds. This birth control is not recommended for the people whose weight is greater than the 165 pounds. Copper releasing IUD is recommended for the emergency contraception for this group.

What are the side effects?

Most of the females who have taken an emergency contraception are successful without any adverse complications. But it is always better to ask doctor regarding all possible interactions of this birth control with other medications. This birth control is considered as safe for most of the females. Plan B One-Step will not terminate the pregnancy if you are already pregnant.

Generally observed side effects of Plan B One-Step is headache, fatigue, slight changes in the menstrual cycle, pain in abdominal region, tenderness of breasts, dizziness, vomiting. Within 2 hours after the intake of pill if you face vomiting please contact health care professionals or our online help service to know whether you should repeat the dose or not.

It might also show some symptom like bleeding. This symptom should disappear by the time of your next menstrual cycle. Sometimes it is expected that Plan B One-Step might show effects on your nest period making it lighter than regular or heavier. Next menstrual cycle might be observed later than your normal period or earlier. In case of not observing menstrual cycle within 3 weeks, you must go under a pregnancy test to confirm you’re not pregnant and to avoid further complications.

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